The unique digital identification solution for iOS and Android that complies 
with all legals for identity verification, helps avoid Identity Theft and bring a full digital identity to use in the real world, without the need of official physical documents.

That's governance.  

ilmedici how it works?

It works with a concept called "Collective Governance" that's powered by blockchain, your biometrics are your identity and more; with this digital ID wallet you'll be able to verify another peoples identities, see who's checking or using your data, identify you with authorities or other citizens. This is Collective Governance, this is ilmedici.


Collective governance is a game changer, ilmedici makes possible track all your personal information, who has it, where's using it and most important who is using it.

ilmedici launch countdown

2020/06/01 - Register for a beta 

Build a Digital Identity

The world today is digital, certify your digital identity with biometrics all in the palm of your hand; is like born again in the future.


Full tracking with ilmedici Blockchain

Everything's tracked into ilmedici grid; logins, attemps, validations and more. 


Anti theft build up plataform

All is built to secure our mission, give you full control of your identity, bringing you the most reliable security, full tracked collectiveness. 

Build a Digital Identity fully operable on the physical world

This is why ilmedici works with Collective Governance


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