About Us

We like to know each other better, for Collective Governance. 

We work permanently developing and integrating quality, reliable and innovative solutions focused on identity verification that, while complying with applicable regulations, achieve transparency and traceability in our clients' processes; all this through a model on demand that guarantees market leadership.

Our history

Fighting Identity Theft since 2016

june 2016                           

Biometric dream

2016 is the year wich medici is born; through biometric technology we dreamed to built a trustfull database of user on behalf of any client or entity.

Identity, our must valuable and trustfull system achieve the integration with ABIS and our three light system. 

september 2018                           

Empower the user

After a year facing the challenges about biometrics, identity management, clients and governments requirements, we identify a global opportunity, a global change, on blockchain and trazable platform.

With Identity, we acknowledge that the requirements of our primary users aren't the same of all the people, so we decide to change the game by creating ilmedici, the first solution for anyone that works like a wallet of your identity, covers you from identity theft and let you know who's trying to validate your identity. 

On this basis, we put all our efforts on this; it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. 

1 june 2020


The ultimate identity solution, blockchain based, full government compliance and your own personal identity wallet; organize all your ID's in one place with full tracking movements. This is collective governance. 


8 The Green #4598,
Dover, DE, 19901, USA


Email: marketing@ilmedici.com
Phone: +1 (302) 310 4883  

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